Tree Surveys and Reports for Planning

Are you looking for a tree report for your property or your clients’ property? Whether you are a landowner, land manager, ground maintenance manager or private property owner, we are able to assist you and are able to enable you to achieve your tree management goals. We provide a high-quality professional service to address your needs in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

Here at Arbor Cultural Ltd. we inspect your trees and produce reports for you to enable you to obtain planning permission, your house purchase your completion or mortgage renewals, and to address all your insurance, duty of care, and legal requirements.

We are not tree surgeons and we do not do tree surgery, so we do not recommend any tree work that is not absolutely necessary. This is because we know the value and benefits that trees provide for us all including increase property values mitigating extreme weather events at a local level and improving physical and mental health.

We can produce reports for you that will support your planning applications, that will enable you to meet the requirements of the local planning authority and result in fewer planning conditions.

We can also produce reports to enable your house purchase completion to go smoothly.  These normally always crop up at the last minute in what is already a stressful process.

If undertaken by someone less experienced this can lead to you losing your dream home, causing delays to other people in your chain or resulting in costly and often unnecessary tree surgery.  This means that you are potentially destroying the mature landscape and seclusion that you are paying extra for.

Has a building survey or structural engineer identified your trees or vegetation as a potential cause of damage to your building or buildings adjacent to your property?

Tree Surveys for Buying a Home

Before buying a house, it is important to arrange a pre-purchase tree survey with our qualified arboricultural consultants. This type of survey assesses the trees around the property and includes:

  • Potential damage from roots or branches or due to tree failure
  • Tree hazard evaluation
  • Subsidence issues related to vegetation
  • Constraints such as conservation orders and Tree Preservation Orders

Many mortgage lenders and insurance companies will require a professional survey as part of the assessment process.

Tree Surveys for Health and Safety

Our tree condition surveys include a range of checks, such as identifying defects, disease or decay with services such as decay detection testing. We also assess the structural integrity of your trees.

 This includes surveys for landowners or managers who have a legal duty to ensure trees are safe, as well as surveys for commercial premises

Tree Surveys for Planning Purposes (BS5837)

If you intend to seek planning permission for a project on a site which contains, or is close to, trees, the local authority may require a survey of the trees as part of the application. A BS5837 tree survey covers construction, demolition, design and renovation and includes among other things the location of every tree as well as sizes, restrictions, management recommendations and health and safety assessments.

At Arbor Cultural Ltd. our aim is to promote good tree management for its many benefits, through the implementation of arboricultural experience and knowledge. We meet our clients’ needs, whilst addressing the requirements of the trees to provide an acceptable juxtaposition between people, trees, and structures. We will comply with all the relevant legislation, guidance, and British Standards.