High Hedge Consultancy

We at Arbor Cultural Ltd. are able to undertake high hedge consultancy. This addresses issues of loss of light from hedges and is cover by the High Hedge Legislation, under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003. This was primarily set up to address the growing problem from leylandii hedges, and the ensuing disputes between neighbours.

In the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, “high hedge” is defined as ‘so much of a barrier to light or access as to:

  • is formed wholly or predominantly by a line of two or more evergreens: and
  • rises to a height of more than two meters above ground level.’

The legislation covers two or more evergreen plants, in a row, with no breaks. There are permitted to be individual trees within the hedge that are not addressed as part of any hedge reduction.

As part of the process, there must have been an attempt to resolve the matter with the hedge owner prior to the undertaking of the report.

This work is usually undertaken by the local authority, but often not the tree officer. This is to prevent a potential conflict of interest. It is often undertaken by the environmental health or enforcement departments. Sometimes they are under-resourced and unable to deal with the matters, so this is where a private consultant can assist by producing the report for them using the standard guidance and submission form produced by the government.

We will assess the impact of the hedge on both the property and the garden area and apply recommendations for the hedge management based on whichever is impacted to the greatest extent.

We will also assess the likely impact of the proposed works on the long-term viability of the hedge and possibly modify the recommendations to address this.