Arboricultural Surveys and Reports

Arbor Cultural Ltd. provides you with excellence in all aspects of tree consultancy. We inspect trees and produce reports to address your tree-related planning, mortgage, insurance and legal requirements. We are not tree surgeons, and we do not do any form of tree surgery.

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Whether you are a landowner, land manager or private property owner, our surveys let you know exactly what trees you have and if they present any potential risks.


We produce reports for effective tree management, planning permission, house purchasing, mortgage and insurance purposes and to address any legal obligations.


As specialists in decay detection, we carry out professional testing which gives you confidence in the condition of trees and highlights any issues which need addressing.

Arboricultural Consultants in Surrey

Arbor Cultural Ltd are arboricultural consultants in Surrey and Sussex. Or, to use an easier phrase, we’re experienced tree consultants. We provide high-level expertise on your trees.

Arbor Cultural has inside-out knowledge of trees and the environments in which they grow. We inspect trees, producing high-quality surveys and reports for the private and public sectors and private domestic clients throughout the South East.

Please note that we are not tree surgeons and don’t provide any form of tree surgery, because this enables us to provide a more balanced and wholistic tree assessment.

Arbor Cultural specialises in the care, maintenance and management of trees in the urban and built environment, including gardens, parks and other public or populated settings.

We support the needs of architects, property developers, planning consultants and local authorities. Also, facilities and residential management companies and homeowners.

Arbor Cultural covers Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, London, and Southeast England.

Is This You?

You may need a tree survey and report for any of the following reasons.

  • Securing planning permission, including post-permission planning conditions
  • BS5837 tree reports, Arboricultural Impact Assessments, and Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Completing a house purchase
  • Health and safety purposes
  • Tree condition assessment
  • Decay Detection assessment
  • Tree Valuation
  • Subsidence investigation
  • Urban planning
  • Insurance or a mortgage application
  • Legal reasons, or
  • Any other duty of care needs

We produce a range of BS5837 reports, arboricultural impact assessments, and decay detection analysis reports. Drawing on our in-depth understanding of this dedicated sector, Arbor Cultural uses the latest methods and equipment for accurate, jargon-free high-quality results.

Through recognised qualifications and several years’ care and management of trees, our specialist services offer you the confidence and assurance that you need. Read more about Arbor Cultural here.

Arboricultural Consultants in Surrey – Our Mission and Values

With over 20 years’ experience, Arbor Cultural is fully committed to the future of trees in our towns and cities.

As the population increases, UK cities need trees for health, wealth, well-being, aesthetics, and the preservation of wildlife. So, our focus is on sustainability and promoting the value of trees. We believe in minimising the impact of development wherever possible. Working with Arbor Cultural will give you the peace of mind to know that our attention is on conserving the nation’s trees as the precious, natural resources they are.

Read more here about the benefits of trees. And, learn about our Values.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable you to manage your trees in a more sustainable, beneficial and environmentally aware manner.

Why Trees?

Get the full low down on tree benefits

FAQs about tree consultancy

At Arbor Cultural, we’re often asked the similar questions when people ask about our services – and they’re all entirely practical. So, to make your life easier, we’ve
compiled this list of FAQs about tree consultancy However, don’t sit and wonder if you’re unsure about anything. You may have specific queries that a telephone call or email could solve in a jiffy, so do get in touch

A good question. The answer is No.
We’re tree consultants – or arboricultural consultants; “tree consultant” is slightly
less of a tongue twister.
In our experience, although aboriculturalists’ work often echoes what we do, it’s easy
to confuse or associate the role with that of a tree surgeon – something that we
most definitely do NOT do. Also, we refer to ourselves as tree consultants because
we have a laser focus on preserving trees. Removing a tree is a matter of absolute
last resort, and is to be avoided whenever and wherever possible.

Arbor Cultural works with amenity trees – those in public parks, private gardens,
open spaces, urban woodlands, schools, golf courses, alongside roads, railway lines,
and housing estates – there are many examples where there is a need for tree
surveys and reports. And, given that trees help to make our communities healthier
and happier, preserved and sustained.
We work with the private residential sector, the public sector (for urban planning) and professionals such as planning consultants, architects and property developers.

We focus on regular professional development to keep our knowledge up to speed.
The courses we have undertaken include:

  • The Arboricultural Association for Professional Tree Inspection qualification
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA)
  • Tree Hazard Risk Evaluation and Treatment System (THREATS)
  • Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)
  • VALID tree risk assessment and management

Arbor Cultural covers the whole of the south east: East and West Sussex, Surrey,
Kent, Hampshire, all of London and throughout the home counties. For specialist
work, we may be able to travel further. Get in touch to find out more.

BS stands for British Standard.
The British Standard “Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction –
Recommendations (BS 5837) (2012) is used by the local planning authorities to
assess the impact on trees during the construction phase of a development. That is,
there are certain criteria that must be met with regard to the trees for the application to be approved.

Similar to a property survey as part of your process of buying a house, some lenders
will ask for a tree survey. The need for this may arise further to the building survey
itself, perhaps due to damage nearby trees have caused or the possibility of this
Trees and buildings co-exist happily, but occasionally, a tree’s root systems can
cause structural damage or subsidence. Equally, there may be issues with drains or
distortion to hard surfaces, such as paving or driveways. A tree survey from Arbor
Cultural will inform both the lender and the purchaser of the likely costs of putting
things right – enabling them to make good decisions from a practical and financial
point of view.

We provide expert witness reports for legal issues, high hedge assessments, tree
valuation reports, tree management policies, tree heritage assessments, and related
subsidence assessments and reports.

Trees are an enormous part of our heritage and history, and we promote their
intrinsic value at every opportunity. Our world is waking up to the undeniable fact
that trees are actually good for us. They provide an incredible range of social,
environmental and economic benefits to society, in effect doing several amazing
things at once. Trees:

  • Clean the air
  • Reduce temperatures
  • Break up soil and hold water there
  • Offer protection from the sun
  • Capture carbon
  • “Soften” the built environment by enhancing views
  • Provide physical and mental well-being

We feel good when we’re around trees. Modern life is affecting their life and health.
So, our focus is on sustainability and protection – and always will be.

Yes. You can have complete peace of mind when you engage us . Arbor Cultural is
covered with £2 million of professional indemnity to include mortgage and insurance reports, and £10 million for public liability insurance.

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